You got to be more timely when you reply online. : ) I said that a couple of months ago, which is a millenium in internet terms. Whatever I felt then, I don't anymore. I'd even have to scroll up to the article to see what I was b*ching about in the first place, but that would take work. :) » 10/01/11 7:23pm 10/01/11 7:23pm

I'm already there! :) No mods needed. My radio isn't "old" like that one. But it has the analog dials and the analog warmth. A 3.5mm input makes it quite acceptable as a powered speaker. It's one of those Roberts/Centrios ones. I wanted a match for it, but Radio Shack/Source/CC doesn't carry such a thing anymore. » 9/24/11 6:45pm 9/24/11 6:45pm